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Your Ayurvedic Body Profile - Prakriti

The Doshas & Prakriti

Prakriti is the Ayurvedic profile or unique psychosomatic temperament of an individual, encompassing his or her physical, functional and behavioral characteristics. In Ayurveda, Purusha or the body is considered to be a combination of various components like Dosha, Dhatu, Indriya, Manas, Buddhi and Atma. Like genetic coding, every individual has a different combination and is therefore a distinct entity. Dietary preferences, behavioral patterns, job options, performance abilities are all strikingly different between any two individuals.

Of various elements in the human body, the doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - control the functional aspects of the human body. Thus, Prakriti is determined by a unique combination of these three doshas (Tridoshas). Ayurveda considers that Prakriti is formed at the inception of human life and usually does not alter during the later phases.

Knowing your Prakriti can help you live a better life through:

  • a suitable diet
  • the right lifestyle
  • knowing your strengths & weaknesses
  • anticipating disease and preventing them
  • better interaction with friends and family
  • better marital relationship