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Manas or the mind is considered as 11th Indriya by Ayurveda. By virtue of its functions, Manas performs the functions of both Gyanendriya, the sensory organs and Karmendriya, the motor organs.

It has two specific characters, viz. Ekatwa (solitude or seclusion) and Anutwam (subtleness). Because of its Subtleness, Manas can move swiftly. For its swiftness, Manas is considered as the fastest object in the universe.

Manas are an entity that is responsible for generation of knowledge. It plays an instrumental role in the perception of Indriyartha. For this purpose, it conjugates itself, with the respective gyanendriya and receives sensory signals.

Gyanendriya can't perceive any type of knowledge on its own, without conjugating itself, with Manas or Mind. Also, it is important to note that, Manas can conjugate itself, with only one sense organ at a given point of time and not more than one. But, it can move from one organ to the other, swiftly-within a split second. Functioning of Karmendriyas also needs a conjugation with Manas.

Apart from such dual role, Manas is also responsible for some more faculties. Analysis, Thinking, Imagination are some of such special functions of Manas.