Health Care : Product Range

digestive systemDigestive System

  • Digestive Elixir
  • Herbal Antacid Syrup
  • Triphala Powder (Colon Cleanser)
  • Laxative Support

livercareLiver Care

  • Liver Support Syrup
  • Liver Support Tablets







pilesPiles / Fissures/ Fistula

  • Piles Care Tablets / Capsules
  • Piles Cream
  • Piles Elixir

joint painJoint Pain

  • Joint Pain Tablets & Capsules
  • Joint Pain Oil
  • Joint Pain Gel
  • Joint Pain Turmeric Complex








  • Diabetes Care Capsules & Tablets
  • Diabetic Neuropathy Support
  • Vitality Support in Diabetes

cardiac careCardiac Care

  • C.A.D Support
  • Plaque Buster
  • Cholesterol Reducer
  • Cardio Tonic







respiratoryRespiratory System

  • Cough Formula Syrup
  • Cough Support Chewable Tablets
  • Breathe Easy Inhalation (Softgel)
  • Sinusitis Support Capsules & tablets
  • Sinusitis Nasal Drops

nervous systemNervous System

  • Stress Care
  • Sleep Support
  • Hypertension Care








womens supportWomen’s Support

  • Menstrual Cycle Regulator Syrup
  • Menopause Support
  • Calcium Support
  • Vaginal Health Support
  • Nipple Care
  • Body Toning

mens supportMen’s Support

  • Vitality Support Capsules
  • Erectile Support Capsules & Oils
  • Sperm Health Booster Tablets & Capsules
  • Prostate Support









Single Herbs


We also provide products consisting of only one herb for its specific medicinal value.

Click here to view the list of Single Herb products and their benefits

eyeHerbal Eye Care

  • Eye Drops

kids careKids’ Care

  • Memory Concentration Booster
  • Immunity & Growth Booster Tonic
  • Anti worms


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