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What is Ayurveda?

doshasAyurveda is a holistic Indian system of medicine that uses a constitutional model. It works to provide a flexible guidance to attain a state of positive health. Its treatment and techniques is also flexible for people with health challenges.

Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit root words: Ayu, which means Life, and Veda, which means the Knowledge. Thus Ayurveda refers to the Science of life.

The ancient rishis or seers of truth, discovered truth by means of religious practices & disciplines. Through intensive meditation, they manifested truth in their daily lives. Ayurvedic system of health is conversance of practical, philosophical & religious experiences of great sages.

Ayurveda is a fine blend of Science, Religion & Philosophy as well. We use the word religion to denote philosophical perceptions and discipline in conduct through which, the doors of perception open to all aspects of life. Through its scientific approach to human life, Ayurveda works to harness the intricate abilities of human body and mind. With its philosophical approach to human life, Ayurveda preaches us to recognize ourselves as miniscule component of this magnificent universe.

The physiological and pharmacological concepts of Ayurveda are structured in "whole- someness". Therefore, the Ayurvedic description of "human body" and the "drugs" are dealt from a holistic plane. Even their "interface" is identified from a holistic perspective.

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