The Start

company startThe inception of PRANYVA took place way back in the year 1998. After many years of international exposure, Mr. Prakash Newar, a Chartered Accountant developed a range of natural skin care and hair care products for the Russian & CIS markets.

He saw that generally two classes of personal care products were available in the market. Either they were very costly high end and out of reach of the common masses or very low quality chemical based products which had numerous harmful effects on the body. Mr. Prakash Newar decided to bring a range of high quality personal care products needed by the entire family based on Ayurvedic principles and herbal base at reasonable price accessible to the mass population.

Since 1998, PRANYVA has changed the course of beauty, Building on the cultural foundations of the past and utilizing the evolving research and technology of the present, PRANYVA creates the future traditions of beauty.

PRANYVA believes that every product must be as enjoyable as it is effective. Innovative formulas advance the performance of familiar and exotic ingredients. Sensuous textures and scents make for a unique gratifying multi-sensory experience.