Reviving Tradition

tradition-2PRANYVA has revived traditional ingredients which have been used in many old Ayurvedic recipes. Advanced skin care formulations that use the most potent and sophisticated natural extracts and actives, avoiding synthetic compounds, are made using these ingredients to produce an amazing product range. PRANYVA blends the powers of Ayurvedic healing wisdom with modern science to produce the very finest skin and hair care products.

There is no ‘quick fix’ method for eternal youth. Only naturally distilled pure essential oils, pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts should be used in skin applications. Plants, unlike chemicals or any of their parts or extracts is full of that vibratory energy that constitutes life. By plants we mean all forms of vegetation including trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. These living substances contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties required to be the perfect anti aging food for the skin.

PRANYVA uses this philosophy to produce our line of treatments for hair care and skin care. We use age-old Ayurvedic formulations from scholars who practice an austere code and devotion to their incredible font of knowledge. They supply us with many of our herb ingredients, oil formulas, and Vedic treatments. This is then interspersed with the understanding of a modern biochemist’s point of view to create, with our team, products that have their basis in India’s oldest science but presented in an easy-to-use manner.