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Basic Ayurvedic Principles

Regarding the Human Body

Deviating from the known approaches of our times to human body, Ayurveda studies the human body more from a functional point of view. In Ayurveda, human body is not considered just as a mass of organs, systems and tissues; but the complex mechanism of myriad functions taking place both at physical and mental level are evaluated and described.

In order to explain the functional complexity of human body, Ayurveda propounded few basic doctrines. These doctrines visualize the functional units of the body to be formed by three Dosha (humours), sevenDhatu (tissues) and Mala (metabolic end products) which are in equilibrium during health.

The human body is more complex than any other form of life as on date. Purusha the Human body is the aggregate of 25 elements, together with Atma the spirit or soul


Elements constituting the human body: